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Commercial Garage Doors
Moorpark, CA

If you have a storefront, warehouse, or any other business in Moorpark, then you are aware of just how necessary it is to have a commercial garage door that you can rely upon. Commercial garage doors give you, your employees, vehicles, and merchandise fast and easy entry to your building. Commercial garage doors keep your inventory safe, and it improves shipping and receiving speed. But if your commercial garage door stops working, then your turnaround times are affected, your security is compromised, and your credibility is damaged. If your commercial garage door is down, don't suffer another second. Give Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call at 1-805-210-3346 for professional commercial garage door repair in Moorpark.

Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair can help you with any and all of your commercial garage door needs in Moorpark for warehouses, retail stores, parking structures, apartment buildings, public facilities, and more.

We work on all styles of commercial garage doors in Moorpark including:

  • Sectional commercial garage doors
  • Commercial roll up garage doors
  • Fire rated commercial garage doors
  • Aluminum/glass commercial garage doors
  • Security gates
  • Security grilles
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In order to be able to work on a commercial garage door in Moorpark, technicians are required to undergo highly specialized training. Do not simply use any commercial garage door company in Moorpark for your commercial garage door repairs. Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair is the best commercial garage door company in Moorpark and we have been for decades. All of our commercial garage door technicians have taken commercial garage door training, and we require them to stay up on all the latest trends in the industry.

Commercial garage doors often suffer similar ailments that their residential counterparts encounter. Common commercial garage door repairs include:

  • Commercial garage door springs
  • Commercial garage door openers
  • Commercial garage door tracks
  • Commercial garage door cables
  • Commercial garage door sensors

Commercial Garage Door Installations
Moorpark, CA

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If your own a business, and you are thinking at all about getting a new commercial garage door installed in Moorpark, or would like to replace your current commercial garage door in Moorpark, then Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair can help. It is so important that your pick the right commercial garage door installers in Moorpark, because getting a new commercial garage door installed is such an investment. With Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair, we will walk you through the process every step of the way, we will help you choose the perfect commercial garage door for your business, and we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with all of our work and with your new commercial garage door.

Some types of commercial garage doors are:

  • Commercial roll up garage doors
  • Commercial sectional garage doors
  • Commercial security grilles
  • Commercial fire rated garage doors
  • Commercial aluminum/glass garage doors

Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors

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Commercial roll up garage doors are popular choices for businesses in Moorpark. They are made up of slatted metal and they roll up onto themselves into a coil above the garage door opening. They save space because they do not require the overhead space that commercial sectional garage doors need. Commercial roll up garage doors are seen often in warehouses, storage facilities, retail stores, and more.

There are some different varieties of commercial roll up garage doors that can better meet your companies requirements. Some of these variations are fire-rated commercial garage doors, insulated roll up garage doors, high-speed commercial roll up garage doors, and more. All different types of commercial roll up garage doors may be customized in color, finish, and size as well.

Commercial Sectional Garage Doors

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Commercial sectional garage doors are made out of several panels that are held together by hinges. They are mounted on garage door tracks that sit either vertically or horizontally (based upon the about of space available). Commercial sectional garage doors are popular in Moorpark businesses, emergency buildings, warehouses, and more. The rest of the sectional garage door is similar to residential garage doors. They require a garage door opener, garage door springs, and everything else that residential garage doors need.

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