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The saying goes, "you don't know what you have till its gone." - this is particularly true of garage doors. It is likely that your garage door is the biggest articulating component of your home. It is inevitable that you are eventually going to have something go wrong with your garage door. For the most part, it is not smart to try to fix your garage door issues on your own. It is much better for you to call the pros at Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair for all your garage door repairs in Lynnwood at 1-425-207-4586.

Garage Door Installation

garage door installation Lynnwood

Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair does residential garage door installation in Lynnwood, WA. We do first time garage door installations as well as garage door replacements. We offer FREE estimates for garage door installations in Lynnwood. One of our garage door installation specialists will come out to your home, take exact measurements of your garage, and go over your different options for your new garage door.

Our garage door installation specialist will go over everything with you, but some of the things to conciser for your new garage door is the material, style, manufacturer, and insulation levels. There are several types of garage door materials for you to choose from including: aluminum, steel, wood, and glass. Different garage door styles include: sectional, single panel, and rollup. And garage door insulation range from uninsulated to over 3 layers of insulation.

For garage door installations in Lynnwood, give Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call today. We will be with you every step of the garage door installation process, from selecting your new garage door thru the installation, and to the final cleanup. If you have a garage door that needs to be removed, this is included as well - we will dispose of your old garage door for you.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

garage door spring repair Lynnwood

One of the most common reasons we get called out for garage door repair in Lynnwood is due to broken garage door springs. The garage door is really heavy. Most people don't realize that it is as heavy as it is because they have lifted their garage door by hand before. However, this is only possible with the help of your garage door springs. The garage door springs offset the weight of the garage door and make it possible to lift by hand or by motor.

If you are at home when your garage door springs break, you will most likely hear a loud "pop" in the garage. If you are not at home, then you can tell by looking above the garage door on the inside, just above the opening (see image to left).

If you suspect that you have a broken garage door spring in Lynnwood, call Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair right away. Do not try to replace a broken garage door spring on your own. Springs must be wound very tight in order to offset the garage door's weight, and it is very easy to hurt yourself in the process if you don't know what you are doing. Luckily, we do know what we are doing, so don't stress about your broken garage door spring, just give us a call at 1-425-207-4586 for garage door spring replacement Lynnwood.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

garage door opener repair Lynnwood

Garage door openers, also called garage door motors or garage door operators - are miracles of modern technology. They make our daily lives much easier when they work, but sometimes they can break down. Regular garage door opener maintenance helps to prevent your garage door opener from breaking, which will end up saving you money, but even with garage door opener maintenance, things can go wrong. If you need garage door opener repair in Lynnwood, then call us at 1-425-207-4586 today.

Garage door openers break down because they are composed of lots of little, intricate parts - all of which need to work together for your garage door opener to work. Our garage door opener repair technicians in Lynnwood carry common garage door opener parts on their trucks, so your garage door opener repairs can be made on the spot.

When you call Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair for garage door opener repair in Lynnwood, we will actually repair your garage door opener if it is possible. If your garage door opener has to be replaced, we can do that too, but first we will try to repair it so we can save you money. Call us at 1-425-207-4586 for garage door opener repair in Lynnwood.

Gate Services
Lynnwood, WA

gate services Lynnwood

Driveway gates keep you safe. They keep out intruders and allow in residents and guests. If your gate is not working, then you might be at risk. If your gate is stuck open, then anyone can get into your home, and if your gate is stuck shut, then you might not be able to get out. No matter what is going on, our gate repair technicians in Lynnwood can help you. Just give Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call at 1-425-207-4586 for gate services in Lynnwood.

Manual Gates

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Manual driveway gates are gates that are operated by hand. They are an older style of gate. Most modern driveway gates are electric because they are so convenient, but manual gates have their place. They are a cheaper alternative to electric gates, and they are much easier to maintain, and less likely to need repairs. Since they don't have motors, there is no issues for them there. The majority of problems that people have with manual gates in Lynnwood are the gate off track, the hinges sagging, or structural damage to the gate frame.

Installing a Gate Motor

Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair can repair your manual gate in Lynnwood. We also do gate automation, meaning that if you would like to turn your gate into an electric gate by having a gate motor installed, we can help you do that too. Electric gates make you safer and makes coming and going and letting your guests come and go much easier. For manual gate service in Lynnwood, call us at 1-425-207-4586.

Electric Gates

electric gates Lynnwood

Electric gates are ones that open by a motor. The gate motor is also called the gate opener or the gate operator. Gate openers make life easier and safer by letting you have control over who can enter and exit your property. If your electric gate stops working however, then your safety is in jeopardy if your gate is stuck open, or you could wind up stuck inside if your gate is stuck shut.

When your electric gate breaks in Lynnwood, just give Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair a phone call at 1-425-207-4586 for electric gate repair in Lynnwood. We offer quality gate repairs - this includes auto gate repair, gate opener repair, gate welding, gate intercom repair, and more. We work on all major brands of gate manufacturers and gate opener manufacturers such as Liftmaster, Ramset, Viking, Elite, Eagle, All-O-Matic, and Linear.

A few reasons why someone could need to get automatic gate repair in Lynnwood is if the gate motor breaks, if the gate hinges break, or the gate comes off the tracks. Sometimes people have gate intercom systems for their gate too, and we can work on these as well. If you are having gate trouble in Lynnwood, give us a call at 1-425-207-4586 to schedule gate repair in Lynnwood now.

Gate Opener Repair

gate opener Lynnwood

Electric gate openers (AKA gate motors, AKA gate operators) - are so convenient and great. They allow you to enter and exit your property, and for you to let others in and out with ease. Gate openers are motors, so they are composed of lots of little parts that all have to work together for the motor to work right. Eventually, your gate motor is going to need repairs or a replacement, and when that time comes, don't stress, just give Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call at 1-425-207-4586 for gate opener repair in Lynnwood.

If your gate motor is not working right, if it's making noises, opening and closing partially or randomly, opening slower than it used to, or anything else, give Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call right away to schedule gate opener repairs in Lynnwood. We will do our very best to repair your gate opener, but sometimes they are not worth repairing, and you'd be better off getting a replacement, which we can let you know and help you pick a new one and we will install it for you.

Commercial Services
Lynnwood, WA

commercial services Lynnwood

Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair offers installation, maintenance, and repairs for commercial garage doors in Lynnwood. There's numerous types of commercial garage doors. Which style of commercial garage door you have currently or choose to have installed, depends on what your commercial garage door is for.

Commercial garage doors are common in:

  • warehouses
  • emergency facilities
  • agriculture buildings
  • apartment complexes
  • parking structures
  • retail stores
  • and more

Different styles of commercial garage doors are:

  • commercial roll up garage doors
  • overhead commercial sectional doors
  • commercial security grilles
  • fire rated commercial garage doors
  • aluminum/glass commercial garage doors

For commercial service in Lynnwood call us at 1-425-207-4586.

Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors

commercial roll up garage doors Lynnwood

Commercial roll up garage doors are a popular commercial garage door for businesses in Lynnwood. They allow for easy entrance and exit and also keep your property and products safe. They save space because they roll up onto themselves, so they don't require the overhead space needed by sectional garage doors. Roll up garage doors are made of slatted metal and they coil right up onto themselves.

At Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair, we install commercial roll up garage doors for any size of garage. We provide personalized solutions to fit your business's needs. We also do commercial roll up garage doors such as roll up motor repairs and roll up remote programming.

High Speed Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors

A variety of commercial roll up garage doors are high speed commercial roll up garage doors. These commercial garage doors provide high speed performance. They handle an unlimited number of cycles of opening and closing each day. They are very popular for warehouses. High speed commercial roll up garage doors offer more speed and efficiency, which will save your company money. They also make your building safer because they don't let intruders enter your garage while it is closing.

Commercial Overhead Sectional Garage Doors

commercial sectional garage doors Lynnwood

Commercial overhead sectional garage doors, like residential sectional overhead garage doors, are made up of individual panels that are connected by hinges, and rest on a track that is vertical or horizontal, depending on space. The biggest difference between residential and commercial sectional garage doors is that commercial sectional garage doors require specialized tools to work on. For any and all commercial sectional garaeg door repairs, installations, and maintenance, call the experts at Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair today at 1-425-207-4586.

We carry parts for all of the major brands of commercial sectional garage doors such as:

  • CHI
  • Clopay
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • and more

For any and all of your commercial garage door services, Lincoln Garage Doors & Gate Repair is here for you. Give us a call anytime at 1-425-207-4586 for the best commercial garage door repairs in Lynnwood.

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